Here’s how you can reduce your petrol expenses

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There’s no need to sell your current car and buy a hybrid in order to achieve better fuel consumption figures, if you haven’t already tried these steps out first.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know by now that a litre of RON95 fuel is 20 sen more than what it was the last time you filled your tank. Well, the increase in petrol prices was inevitable but that doesn’t mean you should think about putting your car up for sale, far from it. By making minor adjustments here and there, there is a chance that you could barely feel the pinch of the price hike.
#1- Keep your car clean
It’s a proven fact that dirty cars are not as efficient at channelling air over them as those that are clean. That is why in motorsports, technicians make sure that their race cars are as clean as can be a means to ensure they can cut through the air like a hot knife through butter.
#2 – Make sure your tyres are properly inflated
Tyres that are properly inflated can make a world of difference compared to ones that are little low on air. When tyres are under inflated, more energy is required to overcome friction between the tyres and the road to get the vehicle moving. To know how much is enough, refer to the recommended tyre pressure table usually placed on the driver’s side door, side sill.
#3 – Service your vehicle regularly
Engine oil has a finite service life, after which, it will no longer be very effective at lubricating and looking after your engine’s internals. To make sure your vehicle is running at an optimum level, adhere to the manufacturer recommended service schedules.
#4 – Reduce the need to accelerate and brake often
Unless you are driving an electric car, applying braking force will only slow your car down but do nothing more. To get back to your earlier pace, requires you to burn more fuel. Doing this over and over will result in higher fuel consumption figures. Keep at a constant speed when possible, because if you aren’t in a hurry, there’s no point driving like your pants are on fire.
#5 – When stationary leave it in neutral
Most drivers prefer to leave their gear selector in D when stationary at the traffic lights. Doing so provides for a better getaway once the light turns green. While that is understandable, while in D, your car is burning more fuel than needed, which is a plain waste of fuel and money


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